LIfe Group Discussion questions

In our contemporary world, an increasingly adversarial spirit is targeting both God and the Church.  Christians often find themselves perceived as antagonists, divisive figures, or even as people filled with hatred.  In a culture where truth is often considered relative, and personal beliefs are viewed as entirely subjective, it has become challenging to assert absolute values.  With a multitude of man-made religions further complicating matters, the landscape of faith can be bewildering. 
The book of Jude serves as a resounding call to action.  It invites us to engage in a spiritual battle against the forces that have ensnared our society and led many astray through sin and rebellion against God.  Jude’s message is a reminder that we must equip ourselves with spiritual armor and knowledge, standing firm against the encroaching darkness and striving to reclaim hearts and minds for the cause of truth and faith in Christ.