Next Steps

Steps Toward Following Jesus

Ready to take the next step?

An Inside Look at What to Expect

Next Steps is a 7-week small group for those who are new to MVCC.  It connects participants with God, with MVCC, and with others who are new at the church.  Next Steps is intentionally comfortable, relational, and conversational, a safe place to explore the essential elements of Christian faith and the way that faith is lived out in MVCC.  Next Steps helps guide participants to the ongoing life groups and serving teams that are the best fit for them.


As you progress through the Next Steps curriculum, you'll discover what it means to follow Christ wholeheartedly and become a devoted disciple.  Whether you're new to the faith or seeking to grow your understanding,  Next Steps will help you develop or profound and meaningful relationship with God and a purposeful life of discipleship.


A facilitator will lead your Next Steps class, creating an interactive and engaging environment for all participants.  The facilitator will help you navigate the curriculum, fostering meaningful discussions and providing tools for a comprehensive understanding of scripture and its relevance to everyday life.


Next Steps not only offers an opportunity for personal spiritual growth but also creates a vibrant community.  The Next Steps class becomes a space where individuals, united by their pursuit of a deeper relationship with God, form bonds that extend beyond the classroom.  Next Steps can create lasting connections that enhance your spiritual journey and relationships with others.

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