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Finding Community

From the initial search for a church home to the profound moments of connection and growth, follow the Healy's journey as they share their personal story on how Mission Viejo Christian Church became more than a place of became a sanctuary of shared values, acceptance, and unwavering support.

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The Gift of The Storm

The Karr family had to navigate many difficult situations and hardships.  One of these hardships was cancer.  Throughout this difficult and uncertain season, they leaned on each other's faith and found hope and community through their church family.

Hope From The Silence

Shiloh struggled with insecurity and feeling withdrawn and far from God. There came the point in middle school when Shiloh found the courage to share her struggle with others. God used the community of faith and acts of service to help her see that she was not alone. The church became more than attending a service instead a family she could connect and be real with.