Your Journey From Attending to Belonging

Welcome to Starting Point

An Inside Look at What to Expect

Starting Point offers a welcoming post-Sunday service lunch, providing an opportunity to connect with the pastoral staff, gain insights into the church's vision, and embark on a journey of building a meaningful relationship within the church community.


At Starting Point, we believe in fostering connections over a shared meal.  We also provide complimentary childcare during the lunch.  Your children will be in the hands of our caring staff, ensuring they are fed, safe, and having a great time.

Mission and Vision

Hear from our pastors as they share the mission, vision, and values of Mission Viejo Christian Church.  Gain insight into how our vision drives our church community and begin your next steps of connection at MVCC.


We believe in the power of stories and how they strengthen our sense of community.  Each table is led by a dedicated facilitator who guides the conversation, creating a warm and inviting space for everyone to share their unique experiences.  Participants are encouraged to express their thoughts, reflections and what resonates with them.

STarting Point events