LIfe Group Discussion questions

This transformative series aims to inspire individuals to discover their potential in reaching out to the world for Jesus.  If the idea of “witnessing for Christ” or “sharing your faith” has ever instilled fear within you, then this series is tailor-made for you.  Through engaging teachings rooted in the Word, practical illustrations, and personal anecdotes, we will be challenged to actively participate in God’s grand plan to save the world. 
Surprisingly, statistics reveal that approximately 90% of believers have never led someone to faith in Jesus.  However, the American Church Institute on church growth reports that 86% of believers came to know Christ because another Christian took the initiative to personally reach out to them.  This series brings a sense of urgency and hope, illustrating how we can be proactive in bringing the life-changing message of the Gospel to others.  Ultimately, it reminds us that stepping out in faith is a choice, and through it, we can become powerful instruments in transforming lives with the love of Jesus.